Our mission is to change the way we all do business in real estate by reducing the risks of a traditional financing and replacing it with a secured first mortgage at a low loan to value, mitigate risk and all the while at a very attractive rate of return.

The Harbor Equity management team has over 75 years experience in this marketplace with tens of millions of profits under its management. In 2009 residential, not commercial, real estate collapsed and the accompanying credit crunch afforded us the opportunity to pursue its management of a publicly held company. As the real estate market rebounds from these lows, we feel strongly now is the best time ever to begin accumulating a portfolio of high yielding, low risk commercial properties.

Harbor Equity is a commercial banking firm whose senior partners have provided quality service to clients  in funding non-conventional transactions. We are underwritten 100% by private funds. What this means to you is our decision to move forward on your transaction is strictly ours and we have no need to get your transaction approved from any 3rd party.

Our business philosophy is based on two simple ideas: to help our clients identify the most cost-effective source of short term capital and to close quickly and efficiently. In doing so, our senior partners have helped corporations, commercial property developers, brokers and private individuals meet their financial objectives.

Our area of expertise is commercial bridge, hard money, acquisition, refinance and development, and construction transactions.  The time proven adage applies to our philosophy, “collateral dictates terms”.  This is how our interest rates start as low as 10%. While others in the industry attempt to attract you with promises and rates that are unrealistic in this marketplace thereby wasting your time and money, once your application with us is reviewed, we will be upfront with you as to rate and terms.

Since we look for commercial properties that need quick financing at low LTV’s and that covers debt service, our underwriting procedure is simple, streamlined and normally takes only days.

If you have been told “NO” through conventional financing sources, take a few minutes and fill out our application and your personal representative will contact you to see how we can tailor a financing alternative to your unique situation. Harbor Private Equity will entertain loan requests of all sizes, beginning at $500,000.

Here’s some of the reasons for our success:

  • No upfront application or processing fees
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Simplified application process
  • Interest only, starting at 10% with a balloon
  • Loans for purchase, refinance re-hab, including cash-out
  • 24 hour written pre-approvals with no cost and no obligation
  • Fast approvals and closings. Closing as fast as 3 days after receipt of approved transaction.
  • Vacant land, Developments, Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily, Retail, Hotels and Offices are our preferred property types
  • Foreign Nationals OK
  • Bridge loans, Mezzanine Financing, Work outs and Developments
  • No minimum credit scores required and all credit history accepted
  • Debt consolidation loans easily approved
  • Real Estate value driven, not personal strength of the borrower
  • Past bankruptcies, foreclosures, short sales, liens, and judgements all considered


We say YES when banks say no.”


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